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WooHoo!!! Paid Off DH's Car!!

March 15th, 2011 at 05:54 am

Although I haven't posted in a few weeks things are going well for me here in our house. My DH just got a bonus and we used it to pay off his car so we are officially debt free! No mortgage and no car payments. I am so happy about that.

Since January 1 we have truly been living on my income and banking DHs so the savings account is fat and happy. Also, we are living within our spending plan and the checking account is overflowing as well. I am learning that through planning ahead we can get some nice things (when truly needed) and also have some good experiences (like my 50% off Groupons for a local restaurant we have enjoyed).

Retirement Goals. We did get reinvested in the stock market in our 401Ks which was a goal I had. Unfortunately, we did it a few weeks ago at the height of the stock market. I did divide the amount to reinvest over six months though so we will be "dollar cost averaging" in over the next six months. This feels like an ouch to have entered the market at the height as it has come down some, but we still have 15 years till retirement so I guess I will bite my nails and hang on.

Rental House Income. After two false starts in terms of rental houses (we contracted and then backed out of 2 different deals), we really do want to keep looking and purchase rental house #2 soon. We also just completed some light remodeling on rental house #1 and we need to get it rented again or sell it on owner carry. We will take pics and put it up for sale/rent on Craigs List later this week. I know most people seem to be against rentals but DH and I are very handy and we have always made money flipping our own houses so buying and fixing houses is something we are good at. God gave us this "blessing" and I feel like we have to use it to give us security for the future, especially as I feel like the stock market is a gamble. I would love to have rental houses which bring in $5000 income a month and then we will be totally financially free.

12 Step Meetings. I continue to attend my Debtors Anonymous meetings by phone as I am getting ready each morning. This reminds me to write down what I spend each day and stick with our spending plan. One day at a time we are financially "solvent" which makes me SO HAPPY!!! Blessings to all of you!!

FREE Carpet Cleaner!!

March 2nd, 2011 at 04:09 am

I haven't posted in a week or so because nothing new has really been happening. I am glad to report that I have been going to telephone Debtors' Anonymous meetings most every day and I continue to track each penny I spend and no longer spend compulsively. I know my reprieve is just for this day, but it is working and my compulsive spending problem has been gone now for about 2 months. Praise the Lord...literally!

In April my DH and I are flying to Ashville, NC to meet one of our sons for a short vacation and see Biltmoore house there. That trip is compliments of my Chase Frequent Flyer VISA card! Also, we are getting our hotel compliments of our Marriott Rewards card as we got six free nights there (we got the card to get six free nights and then immediately paid it off). In addition, I recently got a "Rewards" Amex card which gave me 20,000 points to open an account and then spend and payoff a $600 purchase. I did that and just purchased a $180 Bissell carpet cleaner with the points.

My DA program would say to cut up all credit cards but I only use just the one Chase frequent flyer card (I don't use the other cards). I use it like a debit card and pay it off each Friday. I know it is a little risky to keep that card but I LOVE those miles as we live in a town with expensive air service and actually buyng tickets would be EXPENSIVE!!

I am so grateful for my progress in the DA program. One Day at a Time my compulsive spending has been arrested since January 1. I write down everything I purchase each day and live according to my spending plan.

I mentioned earlier that when I got my spending under control I started overeating. I am happy to report that I have been on Weight Watchers now for about two weeks and have lost the pounds I gained when I quit over spending. I am also participating in an online Overeaters Anonymous group which is really helping in that area too. Life is VERY good right now. We are truly living on what I make and saving DH's paycheck each month. We have both stopped frittering away money and now plan ahead for purchases we want to make. Thanks God!! Blessings to everyone.