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$6,563.43...Go Team Smith!!

January 25th, 2011 at 06:03 am

I just sold two more Ebay jewelry items...one for $580 and the other, which was my "star" piece, for $2,000! This means that after paying shipping and other fees I will have $2,512 to put on my DH's car loan. This brings me down to a balance of $6,563.43. The loan started off at $10K when my DH bought the car in November so we are making progress, but it still sounds like we have a LONG way to go. Due to my impatient nature I want it paid off NOW!

TIT FOR TAT. I realize that my pre-Christmas Ebay spending spree really started when I suggested that my DH go ahead and purchase the new car he wanted...a three-year-old Porsche. He had had another model for about 10 years and, with the trade in, the new one was only $10,000. Things I now realize about this:

1) Now that we are facing closing on our second rental house, I really wish I had not pushed him to purchase his $10K "treat." Now, I would really rather have the $10,000!

2) There are no free lunches. The fact that I "gave" him the 10K to buy the car I now think in retrospect was part of the reason I started on my little jewelry spree. I reasoned that since he took 10K, I should too!

This is crazy logic since we are both on "Team Smith." Assuming Smith is our last name (it's not), we have this family tradition of thinking of the four of us as "Team Smith." I really love this idea...the idea that as a family we are no longer just individuals, we are members of our TEAM. As such, we each need to consider the TEAM'S welfare in our decisions. That way all members of our team are successful.

I realize that through my spending binges over the years, I have not really been thinking of the Team's welfare; in most cases I have selfishly been thinking of myself. Through the DA program and controlling my spending, I am really being a lot less selfish and learning to be a better member of our Team. Go Team Smith!!

PS My DH controls his spending naturally. I am very blessed that it's just me I have to watch. One Day at a Time I am doing that.

7 Responses to “$6,563.43...Go Team Smith!!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Great job on the sales and van loan pay down. I think you will be there sooner than you think!

  2. laura Says:

    DH and I had some communication issues on money prior to attending a Financial Management Seminary (7 Steps to Financial Freedom sponsored by our church) 18 months ago. I was a small detail person while he is a bigger picture person (he is a Financial Analyst and handles millions of dollars at a time, while I pine away over an expired $2.00 off coupon). ANYHOW, DH has a 1973 Corvette that he loves. In my opinion the car's expenses were under Child #5, Dog, Turtle, Bird, etc (bottom of the list). DH felt like his things didn't matter, once his item had a line in the budget albeit it small things really improved and money was no longer a control thing ...

    Team Smith is the way to go! We thrive as Team Murphy (if that was really our last name, but it isn't!)

  3. Savings Queen Says:

    Laura, I TOTALLY understand the car thing. Since I don't understand it at all, it ALWAYS kind of grated on me. I have realized lately though that that is one of his few things he really enjoys and he's really rather frugal about it (compared with many of his friends) and I have accepted it. I love your thinking that the car gets it's own line item.

    The "Team Smith" thing really started when my youngest son was in high school and we took him all around the country racing go karts (that is an expensive hobby!). During the races we truly were Team Smith and then that concept eventually became an idea we adopted for our whole family experience. I like it too.

    That is cool that your husband is a financial analyst handling millions. It sounds like you all have the perfect balance...he watches the millions while you make sure the pennies are all accounted for!

  4. ThriftoRama Says:

    Geesh. Those are some pretty impressive ebay numbers.

    I totally agree about the team thing. We are all ont he same team at this house, too. Many of our friends keep separate accounts, even though the have kids. I have to wonder, how do you get anywhere? Do you have common goals and if so, how do you manage them if all the money is hers and his?

  5. Savings Queen Says:

    My sister and her husband don't share accounts or funds of any kind. I know that lack of team spirit really grates on her. I agree with you Thrift. Being on the same Team we are ALL stronger!

  6. Ima saver Says:

    Great job on the e bay sales!

  7. Savings Queen Says:

    I am very happy about the ebay sales, but now I am down to the less expensive items so the payoff will probably go more slowly. Oh well, just for today I am GRATEFUL my most expensive item sold!

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