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Not Overspending...Overeating!

January 21st, 2011 at 07:21 am

I have stopped my excess spending, paid off one of my husband's car loans and my checking account is looking good this month. Unfortunately, I find I have gained two pounds!

That's what happens with me. When I get one area under control, another area POPS!! That's because I have an addictive personality/biochemistry. I have been doing lots of reading on this subject and now truly believe that people who suffer from addictions often have different biochemistries than other people. Two of the books I read emphasized the connection between too much sugar/caffeine use and addictive behavior.

Before Christmas when I was in my Ebay spending frenzy and truly frightened because I couldn't stop, I quit eating sugar and drinking coffee and within two weeks my excess spending stopped. I was so grateful! I have remained largely off sugar and caffeine and my reasonable spending has continued...but I think I am easing stress/handling emotions more with food. This morning a Dr. Oz I had TIVOd said that when you are tempted to eat remember to ask yourself "F-L-A-B"...are you FRUSTRATED, LONELY, ANXIOUS or BORED? If so, find something to do rather than stuff your mouth!!!

I am going to use that and continue to attend my telephone Debtors Anonymous meetings. I especially need DA since we are closing on our second rental house February 2. In the past, buying houses has always been a spending TRIGGER for me. This time, I will make a spending plan for the new house and stick with it. This time, my car won't be a wreck and filled with paints, wall mud, mirrors, etc. that I buy in a financial frenzy! This time I will handle this rental house investment with restraint and sanity...ONE DAY AT A TIME. Also, I need to not let the PERFECTIONISM bug bite me. This is a rental house...NOT the Taj Mahal. Thanks God!!

4 Responses to “Not Overspending...Overeating!”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    It can be hard to focus on cutting back in 2 major areas such as money & food. Good luck, sounds like you have a good plan Smile

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I've noticed the same correlation between caffiene/sugar and spending. Also the more cluttered my house, the more messed up my spending, and the more messed up my eating is. When my spending is under control my house tends to be clean and my diet is as it should be. Weird, but true. I think it's all about control versus addictions.

  3. Savings Queen Says:

    Lucky, you are so right, my house is totally decluttered and my spending is great, but my eating is not quite there. I wish I were like you and ALL would be under control at the same time. You truly are LUCKY! I will be too, though, it will just take more effort on my part!

  4. Savings Queen Says:

    HouseHopeful, You are so right! I think the addictive part of me wants an outlet.AARGHHH!!

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